BMW Finance PCP Issues and Problems

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BMW Finance PCP Issues and Problems

Beitragvon JensenBreck » Mi 04 Okt, 2017 10:40

Hi there,

Can anyone offer any advice.

Im coming to the end of a PCP deal on my X5 and they've come to do the pre inspection check and pulled up one issue with the Brushed Aluminium Trim around the centre console. In fairness there is some marks and scratches which is just down to general wear and tear with the key knocking against it and general ring marks etc. Bmw finance have contacted me and said the damage will cost over £550 to repair and thats what they'll be charging. Im quite shocked as the car has been well looked after and other than this general marks there are no other issues.

Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do and if the damage is excessive as they have stated?


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